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    Making a Colorful Statement in Ponsonby

    Color Makes a Statement in Ponsonby

    The owners of this Ponsonby home, which appeared to be simply another drab villa, sought to stand out from their neighbours by using colour. Several years previously the house painters had painted the interior of this property and were quite familiar with the work that was required on the exterior.

    The quality craftsmanship of the era was on full display, as with many homes built in the 1890s. With elaborate filagree, sweeping turned balustrades, and stained glass windows this project required extensive planning to restore.

    Over the years, the windows had been painted multiple times and were peeling and flaking. These were sanded, primed, and filled before being painted. For the home’s age, the weatherboards were in sound condition and only requited sanding and filling to prepare them for paint.

    However, it was the great colour decision that set this Ponsonby property apart. The windows have been painted in Dulux Okarito and the weatherboards are Dulux Spirits Bay.

    This beautiful Ponsonby home now boldly displays its colour character, and the house painters consider themselves incredibly fortunate to have been a part of such an astounding makeover.


    Painting Required for Ponsonby Villa Windows
    Painting Required for Ponsonby Villa Windows


    Ponsonby villa windows are being prepared for painting.
    Villa Windows In Ponsonby Prepared For Painting


    In Ponsonby, the windows of a villa were painted.
    Ponsonby Villa Windows Have Been Painted

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    Ponsonby home influenced by colour.

    Caroline Bay


    Spirits Bay



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