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    Master Painters 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee

    What You Need To Know About The Master Painters 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee

    Back in July 2016 Master Painters, New Zealand introduced a 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee Program.  This doesn’t replace any product guarantees, or consumer guarantee but rather creates an added guarantee of the workmanship of your painter for 5 years.

    The basic outline is that if within 5 years any workmanship defects are found then the Master Painters will remedy these up to the value of $50,000. With the guarantee only costing $225, this is basically only $.12 cents a day! The guarantee is also transferable which makes it a brilliant option with selling as buyers will appreciate that the fresh new paint work is not hiding any problems but rather has been completed by a quality Registered Master Painter.

    One of the major points is that this can only be offered by a Registered Master Painters…in fact, it is mandatory as a Master Painter to include it in any painting project greater than $7500 (incl gst). You can request it on a lesser valued painting project and also “opt out” of the program entirely if you wish.

    This guarantee represents great value for money and looks to align itself with existing builders guarantees. It really emphasises the reason to use a Master Painter. Not only do we have to adhere to strict quality controls but now we can provide a guarantee that is backed by a Nationally Recognised Organisation. Why would you not use a Master Painter?

    5 main points to note about this guarantee:

    1. The guarantee covers any workmanship defects that are discovered within 5 Years of completion and are remedied up to $50,000
    2. It is transferable. This adds value if you are selling your property as the house will still be covered.
    3. If the painting contractor for any reason ceases trading, the workmanship is still covered by the Guarantee!
    4. It is mandatory for a Master Painter to offer this Guarantee on projects greater than $7,500 (including gst) otherwise it is optional.
    5. The guarantee isn’t automatic, which means you have to apply for it. This is done to ensure the correct products have been selected and the proper system is being adhered to.

    The house painters take care of all this for you. A typical Guarantee application would  be :

    1. The house painters provide you with written a quotation
    2. Upon acceptance The Master Painters Guarantee document is signed by yourself confirming the project.
    3. The guarantee is applied for, and a Guarantee Id is issued.
    4. The painting project is completed, and a notice of Practical Completion is sent to Master Painters
    5. The client receives the Guarantee Certificate.

    The house painters believe that this guarantee is an essential tool for protecting your painting investment. If it hasn’t been offered to you, then you should insist on it!

    To find out more, you can visit The Master Painters Website.

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