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    Auckland Interior & Exterior House Painting and Decorating

    Are you looking to breathe new life into a tired exterior? Or maybe you wish to re-invent the entire feel of your home with the latest colours. Perhaps you want to add market value, or are looking to maintain and extend the life of your home.

    Whatever your reason for painting, the house painters have the talented staff and experience to make it happen.

    …these guys excel at putting in the hard work preparing a job and use quality paint to produce a job that will last.Exterior Painting. R. Kay [homeowner]

    You may never notice a good painting job – but a bad one will haunt you. To ensure your painting investment is finished to your standards, you need a company that is customer focused and passionate about painting.

    Any work carried out on your home is an investment. You need to be sure that you are using a trusted company. The house painters are proud of their association with the Auckland Master Painters and have met the strict quality and technical painting criteria needed to be a member. As such, we receive ongoing painting training, and the backup support for both client and company gives you peace of mind.

    …it was a pleasant change to have tradesman turn up when they say they are going to and get the job done within the time they specify Interior Painting. H. Doherty [homeowner]

    To get your painting project started, call the house painters on 0508 99 66 33 and organise a free quote. Or use our convenient organise a quote page.

    Once contact is made, we will organise an on-site meeting at a time that suits you. The house painters will prepare a personalised quote package with relevant information, tips and full references from past clients. The quote itself outlines which areas will be painted and specifies products, so you know exactly what will be used where and when. Included in this package is our magazine showcasing our extensive collection of completed painting work.

    Our aim is to provide efficient, reliable and effective painting solutions through high standards of customer service. We want to give you confidence in your painting project, so you can concentrate on enjoying the results. Don’t delay and contact us today.

    Why Choose The House Painters?

    There are many house painting companies in Auckland, and it is often hard to decide who to choose. The house painters have been painting Auckland for over 25 years and understand that painting is a very personal experience as you are inviting strangers into your home. You want to choose a painting company you can trust.

    Many painting companies have shifted away from a personal approach and instead have salespeople to do your quote – often with no painting background. You build trust and rapport with these salespeople, but then once the project starts they are nowhere to be seen as you are handed off to project managers & painters who are there to do a job and have no personal investment. Too often what the salesperson promises to get the sale, and what the painters can achieve are so far apart that after your considerable investment you are left feeling a little disappointed.

    This is where the house painters are different. You will be dealing with  Chris Miller. The owner of the house painters. From the quote to the completed project I will be involved in every stage. I bring to you over 25 years of painting experience, and my number 1 priority is to deliver exceptional customer experience.

    So, if you are ready to have your painting project started & finished the right way, click here to contact us today.

    Chris Miller
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