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    Registered Master Painters

    Auckland Professional Master Painters

    For a professional, convenient, safe and secure job you can’t go past a Registered Auckland Master Painter. Auckland Master Painters only accept members after a thorough assessment of their skills as painters and integrity as a contractor.

    Auckland Master Painters are continually upskilling and advising members on everything from site safety to the latest techniques and products making Auckland Master Painters the most skilled and informed tradespeople in the industry.

    So why would you trust your decorating project with anyone who isn’t a Registered Auckland Master Painter? It’s just not worth the risk.

    Use only a Registered Auckland Master Painter and be confident that the investment you are making in your home is backed and protected by a Nationally Recognised Organisation.

    Main Points

    • Always use a Registered Auckland Master Painter.
    • Constant upskilling and development programmes.
    • Only accept members after a thorough assessment.
    • Nationally Recognised Organisation.
    • Extensive partnerships with many organisations.
    • Dedicated to Apprenticeship Training and education.
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