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    Professional painting services is a great way to maintain your property and protect your investment!

    Protecting your property from the harsh realities of weather, pollution, vandalism and decay has never been more important. For a well maintained, freshly decorated property portfolio you can rely on the expertise of The House Painters team!

    Meeting the needs of managing agents, commercial clients and private householders throughout Auckland, our painting services include:

    Our experienced Auckland Master Painters team specialise in interior house paintingexterior house painting and roof painting, designed to both improve the appearance of your property and protect it.

    Regular attention to your property protects your investment and keeps its value up. We also work closely with tenants throughout all our projects to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

    Our services are individually tailored to meet the exact requirements of you and your property. Please contact us to arrange a free quote. We will then visit your property to discuss your needs and take measurements, before presenting you with an accurate written estimate.

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    Registered Master Painters


    As Registered Master Painters the house painters adhere to strict quality controls. So why would you trust your decorating project to someone who is not a Registered Auckland Master Painter? It simply isn’t worth the risk. Find Out More

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