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    House with white weatherboards and charcoal grey shingles

    A Brush with Maritime History: Breathing New Life into a Home that Once Guided Ships

    Project Outline

    Welcome to our blog post where we showcase a prestigious home perched high on Auckland’s North Shore. This historical gem once guided ships into the harbour, and after undergoing extensive renovations in 2003, it received a fresh coat of paint on the interior, exterior, and even the roof. Now, after 19 years, the house painters have returned to breathe new life into this remarkable home by meticulously painting its exterior.

    The exterior of this property posed a unique set of challenges, with delicate fretwork, intricate railings, and stunning tongue and groove soffits. Our dedicated team of house painters took painstaking efforts to prepare every surface to meet the high standards set by Master Painters. With precise priming, filling, and painting, we ensured that this home continues to shine as a beacon of exceptional workmanship.

    Faded house
    House with white weatherboards and charcoal grey shingles
    Historical home before painting
    Historical home after painting

    Hover over the target to reveal the actual colours used on this home. These colours are representations only and may vary from actual paint colours.

    House with white weatherboards and charcoal grey shingles

    Southern Alps

    Grey Friars


    Southern Alps

    Dulux Southern Alps

    The popular soft ultra-pure white of Southern Alps is the ultimate choice for interiors and exteriors. It is ideal for walls, ceilings, trims and features such as fretwork and window frames. The freshness of Southern Alps will brighten any space and give it a luxe modern vibe.

    Te Kūiti

    Dulux Te Kūiti

    Te Kūiti is a deep and dramatic pure black. It works well with a range of colours including whites, greys and neutrals. Try pairing it with crisp white Ōkārito for a classic ‘black and white’ look, or with subtle greys such as Manorburn and Tīrau.

    Grey Friars

    Dulux Grey Friars

    A safe protective grey, Colorsteel® Grey Friars is a perfect contrast colour for whites and creams and can also be used with darker hues to achieve an interesting, more muted effect. It works well with crisp white Ōkārito and soft greys such as Tīrau and Manorburn Double.

    Protecting This Home From The Elements

    This home sits proudly at a high point of Auckland’s North Shore. It is constantly exposed to various weather conditions, including rain, sun, wind, and even saltwater. All these elements combined caused damage with issues such as rot, decay, and fading. When this home needed protecting from the elements a high-quality exterior paint job was required to act as a protective barrier, shielding the home and extending its lifespan. As you can see the results the house painters achieved will protect this beautiful home for many years to come.

    white weatherboards
    white weatherboards and grey shingles
    white weatherboards, grey shingles and stained glass windows
    white weatherboards, grey shingles and stained glass windows
    a chair on a balcony with white weatherboards
    tongue and groove soffits and white weatherboards


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    A Painting Company With History

    Painting your home is an investment. On Auckland’s North Shore, the house painters have a long history of painting, and references from satisfied clients can be found everywhere. It’s important to pick a painting business that has endured the test of time. These old photos from 2003 serve as evidence of the house painters durability and high quality of work. With such a lengthy history, we frequently meet with former customers for new painting projects and they know that our quality & workmanship will stand the test of time.

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