This heritage home is an icon of Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore. Owned by the same family for over 128 years it had been converted and changed many, many times. But, recently sold the new owners were dedicated to restoring the neglected exterior to showcase the original beauty and age of this home. To achieve this vision the house painters were selected to undertake the exterior painting work.

For years the house painters have crafted their skills and have become industry leaders in the field of exterior restoration projects. Our attention to detail and extensive knowledge resulted in this heritage home being restored to an incredible finish.

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Built-in 1890 this twin-gabled homestead has been a significant icon of Takapuna for many generations. Its location and community interest meant that the exterior painting works on this project needed the attention of a Registered Master Painter.

This home needed considerable work to restore it to its potential. For the exterior painting, every surface was meticulously sanded and prepared to ensure the surface was ready for the modern paint colours and coatings that will protect it for many years to come.

Before Exterior Painting
After Exterior Painting
Before Exterior Painting
After Exterior Painting


Several weatherboard sections were beyond standard preparation and needed all the paint removed. Once this was achieved these sections were primed and top-coated using quality Dulux products to provide a finish that will last.

The weatherboards were painted using Dulux Weathershield With Maxiflex Technology

Dulux Weathershield has been specially designed to provide a tough, hard wearing finish. As weather conditions change, surfaces expand and contract. Dulux Weathershield is formulated with MaxiFlex Technology to flex with the surface providing long lasting protection for as long as you live in your home.

  • Flexibility & toughness
  • Strong adhesion
  • Mould, dirt & stain resistance
  • Helps resist tannin blocking
  • Longer-lasting colour
  • Guaranteed to not peel, flake or blister as long as you live in the home.
Peeling Weatherboard Paint
Peeling Weatherboard Paint

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The entrance was another area that had deteriorated over time and so as to provide a focal point this section had all the paint needed removal. The images of these section taken back to bare wood are examples of what quality Registered Master Painters provide.

There would be very few companies that could achieve the level of detail that the house painters have provided on this project. As you can see the results are dramatic. Every inch of this home was meticulously restored using time tested techniques and quality products.

Before Door Paint Removal
After Door Paint Removal

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The majority of windows on this home were extremely sun damaged and in desperate need of restoration. Most required the failing paint to be removed, sanded and primed in preparation for 2 topcoats of premium paint.

To best represent our quality preparation the windows were painted using Dulux Aquanamel.

A durable, non yellowing, water based interior/exterior semi gloss enamel that is low odour and easy water wash up.

  • Waterbased
  • Hard-wearing
  • Chip resistant
  • Environmental Choice Approved
  • Made in New Zealand
Exterior Windows Before Painting
Exterior Windows Before Painting

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The work that we have completed here is the best you will see. The meticulous attention to detail and painstaking preparation is the quality of work that needs to be recognised. The eyes of the community were on this project. Many who walked by daily started as strangers but by the end of the project were friends. The many stories we heard from people who knew someone who lived in the house or they had walked by the house on their way to school 60 years ago, made working on this piece of Takapuna history a project to remember. We received daily reminders to preserve the character of this iconic home…and we think you will agree that we have managed to achieve just that!

Exterior Windows Before Painting
Exterior Windows After Painting

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    Weatherboards: Dulux Southern Alps

    Windows: Dulux Southern Alps

    Front Door: Permanent Green

    Front Door Step: Franz Josef

    Hover over the target to reveal the actual colours used on this home. These colours are representations only and may vary from actual paint colours.

    Exterior Painting

    Permanent Green

    Southern Alps

    Southern Alps

    Franz Josef


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