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    Paint Stripped Weatherboards

    How We Strip Paint From A Weatherboard Home

    Stripping paint from a weatherboard home isn’t easy which is why the house painters have put together this step by step case study showing how we do it.


    The house painters are highly skilled & experienced paint strippers. We use a combination of paint stripping methods tailored to the individual needs of each exterior painting project.

    As paint stripping is a specialist field it requires specialised equipment. This includes encapsulated stripping machines, stripping products and specific vacuum sanders designed to minimise dust. All this costs money, but people stripping paint without these tools are endangering not only themselves but also their clients and neighbours.

    Paint removal is a potentially hazardous undertaking – if it is done incorrectly, there can be long-lasting effects. The house painters take this area of the decorating process very seriously. We ensure that both our clients and staff are safe and protected at every stage of the process.

    Before Paint Stripping


    As you can see on this paint removal project, the existing weatherboards were in very bad condition. With all the flaking and loose paint, the only option was to remove it all and start again.

    Paint Removal


    Using our 25 years of paint stripping experience we use several tools and methods to safely remove the paint for the weatherboards. All dust and debris are collected using a vacuum system with a HEPA filter and removed from the site and disposed of in accordance with strict waste management systems.

    Stripped Paint From Weatherboards


    Following stripping the entire surface is sanded using commercial sanders connected to vacuums to help contain the dust for safe disposal.

    In the video clip below, we are using our professional series orbital sander connected to a vacuum system.

    By using a vacuum, dust and debris are sucked through the sanding head and are captured and contained into bags for easy disposable.

    This is just one of the many things the house painters do to help keep our sites clean.

    Priming & Filling After Paint Removal


    Once sanded all surfaces are primed with the appropriate product. All metal surfaces receive an iron primer. Once primed the surface is inspected and any imperfections are filled. Once sanded the filler is re-primed.

    Completed Painting After Paint Stripping


    Two topcoats of colour are applied and the finished result is outstanding. This exterior painting project received the 5 Year Written Master Painters Guarantee and with regular maintenance, this home will enjoy its paintwork looking fresh for many, many years.


    Helen Ford
    Helen Ford
    From the first day of quote we had a 'gut feeling' that we had chosen the right company to paint our house. The time and effort put into the preparation was amazing. Workmanship was certainly Gold Medal standard. We were surprised how our 30 year old tired looking house was transformed into a house you can look at in awe. Thank you once again Angela, Chris and Tyson.
    emma Kerley
    emma Kerley
    I can’t rate Chris, Angela, Gary and Tyson highly enough. They are so professional, polite, accommodating and the quality of work is absolutely amazing – we were so impressed with their attention to detail. Nothing was too much trouble and the result is stunning. We have renovated our house from top to bottom and used lots of different tradies over the last three years but The Painters really stood out to us. I can’t recommend them enough. We are so pleased with the end result – they have transformed a tired 70’s house into something that looks a bit more modern of which we are so grateful and appreciative.
    Caryl Bermingham
    Caryl Bermingham
    I have enjoyed working with the team from House Painters. They understood the requirements of my house paint and I refer this company as an excellent business and very professional team.
    Anna Hunter
    Anna Hunter
    Having the exterior of our house painted by The House Painters was a great experience from start to finish. Super fast quoting process; professional and helpful communication throughout; skilled, hardworking and friendly painters. Our previously tired villa looks fantastic. Many thanks to the team at The House Painters.
    Terry Ashdown
    Terry Ashdown
    Choosing someone to paint the entire exterior of my house was not a task I approached lightly. These days, one can mitigate the risk somewhat by investigating different firms online. But it's a bit of a lottery, nonetheless. I turned out to be a winner in my particular lottery because I chose The House Painters. I cannot praise these guys highly enough. I have not a single complaint. They made the whole process perfectly clear to me from start to finish. They turned up every single consecutive working day until the job was finished – and they were always on the job before their agreed start time. They cleaned and tidied up on completion of each working day. In comparison with some tradesmen I've dealt with over the years, these guys were streets ahead in terms of thoroughness, attention to detail and willingness to discuss aspects of the job. I couldn't have asked for a better team. I highly recommend this firm. Homeowner: Terry Ashdown – Northcote

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    Regan & Nina – Sandringham - nocowboys.co.nz

    I engaged Ang, Chris, Gary and Tyson just part of “The House Painters” team to strip and repaint my weatherboard home. From start to finish they were not only very professional and helpful, they were also polite, courteous as well as hard-working. This team went the extra mile in every facet of the process and have delivered an absolutely superb looking home. I would have no hesitation too recommend this brilliant company and it’s team of people for anyone wishing to have their home transformed. I cannot say enough about the quality workmanship as well as the overall experience. Thank you so much we are very grateful and glad we chose your organisation.

    Who Are The House Painters?

    There are many house painting companies in Auckland, and it is often hard to decide who to choose. The house painters have been painting Auckland for over 20 years and understand that painting is a very personal experience as you are inviting strangers into your home. You want to choose a painting company you can trust.

    Many painting companies have shifted away from a personal approach and instead have salespeople to do your quote – often with no painting background. You build trust and rapport with these salespeople, but then once the project starts they are nowhere to be seen as you are handed off to project managers & painters who are there to do a job and have no personal investment. Too often what the salesperson promises to get the sale, and what the painters can achieve are so far apart that after your considerable investment you are left feeling a little disappointed.

    This is where the house painters are different. You will be dealing with both Chris and Angela Miller. The owners of the house painters. From the quote to the completed project we will be involved in every stage. We bring to you over 25 years of painting experience, and our number 1 priority is to deliver exceptional customer experience.

    So, if you are ready to have your painting project started & finished the right way, click here to contact us today.

    the house painters team


    Is it time to get rid of that bubbling peeling paint and get some new modern colours onto your home?

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